my super duper nyummy-Caramel Macchiato

I stopped at Starbucks Q-house yesterday to go work as usual and couldn’t resist detouring to the Starbucks there to get some much needed caffeine in the form of a Caramel Macchiato.
For a while, I’ve been on a serious Starbucks ice latte  kick, but last night I was able to finally pry myself away to try something different.
The Caramel Macchiato is a mix of vanilla, steamed milk and espresso. It’s topped with foam and caramel sauce.
The first sip was slightly bitter and I couldn’t taste any of the caramel. As it cooled down, it had a smoother taste and their were hints of caramel.
By the time the cup was half empty, The caramel taste was more dominate, but not in an overwhelming way. The caramel was delicious, it reminded me of the caramel that my grandparents would give me on Christmas mornings.
I’ve been reading about cuppings (the coffee version of wine tasting), where they wait three or four minutes before they start tasting the coffee. It makes me wonder, if I’m drinking my coffee too quickly, so I’m going to have to start paying more attention.
Overall, I really liked this drink, enough to say that I might have a new favorite at Starbucks. I really enjoyed this one, maybe even more than my precious Cafe Mocha that I always buy.
On a side note, I’m working on putting together a glossary to all of the terms on the Starbucks menu to help me and everyone else who feels a little overwhelmed by all of those names and terms.

My Starlight...

Just when you think Starbucks, Gloria Jean, and franchise coffee by the litre has squeezed out
good coffee without the twist of vanilla, there lies Pellegrini's.
At the top end of Bourke Street, since Amad was a boy, lies the bar, the barista, the coffee!
It's all about the coffee, the food, and the smiles. No, you can't have a mega-choco-decaf-soy-latte served in a cardboard bucket.
... and the food it just good solidly reliable, affordable and tasty.
To lose Pellegrini's would be to lose a part of Melbourne. I for one will picket on the streets should this establishment ever be threatened

Brother Baba Budan is a small cafe located in the central business district of Melbourne.

This cafe have a nice story about how they are begin to grow and expand their business. the unique about this cafe rest,is to explain the city's cult,like reverence of coffee,which can evidently back to the Italian immigrants who adopted Melbourne as their home and brought their love for coffee with them.

A cup of coffee bring a lot of memories